What is the APGAR?

Birth is a big transition for babies. They go from a warm, comfortable, and safe womb, travel through the birth canal, and then emerge into a world they have never seen before! Your doctor, midwife, or nurse will conduct an APGAR test to make sure that your baby completed this amazing journey, and is healthy and physically ready for life outside the womb.

APGAR stands for:


This test is scored out of 10, and is scored by baby’s skin color, heart rate, reflexes, muscle tone, and breathing. It is typically given almost immediately after birth. To make sure that your baby continues to do well, they are retested 5 minutes after birth.

APGAR Scoring

Typically, a score of 8+ is considered a healthy baby. If your baby has a low score, they may retest a 3rd time. If your baby does not score an 8 it does not mean that they are unhealthy, they may just need some interventions to help them transition to the outside world.

If you have any concerns you should always contact your care provider.

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