Today’s Woman

How should a lady act? She should she be classy. She should always have her legs shaved, her hair done, and a full face of makeup on. Oh, and she’d best have dinner on the table by 5!

These stereotypes aren’t accurate. A woman can certainly wear high heels, and make dinner every night. If she chooses to do so. A woman can also wear sweats and be a working professional. Again, if she chooses to do so. The beautiful thing about a woman, is that she can be anyone that she wants to be, while being incredible and amazing. She is capable of being strong, courageous, brave, and independent.

She can cross her legs, and laugh politely- but if she’d prefer she can use curse words, let her armpits grow out, never buy makeup, live in T-shirts, and do whatever she wants.

These stereotypes have held women back for many generations. Today’s women are so strong, and powerful. If she truly wants it- she can do, or be anything. Stereotyping women, or anyone for that matter, isn’t relevant anymore. Not only are they capable of being, but women are lawyers, doctors, farmers, athletes- in fact it feels silly to make a list of what they can be, because they can be¬†anything!

No matter what the task at hand, keep in mind that you are a powerhouse, you can be successful, and you can even define success for yourself. In times where you find yourself struggling, you can find strength through a network of support you build yourself.

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