Why a Doula Agency?

I think doula agencies are great. Actually, I know that they are awesome. Do you know that they are awesome?

A doula agency is awesome because there is absolutely no question about who will attend your birth. We pair you with two FABULOUS AMAZING doulas. Those doulas will meet you before your birth. They will know you, help you explore your options, and feel empowered by the birth plan you create. They both understand your goals, and concerns. To top it all off, they are so excited to support you.

Without an agency, if your doula was sick, really sick, you might have to make a tough choice. You may have to decide between exposing your newly born-brand new baby to illness, or not having the unconditional, nonjudgmental support you were counting on. With the agency, that isn’t an issue at all. Your second doula is instantly on call and ready to support you.

Southern Pacific Doulas holds itself to a very high standard. All of our doulas are highly trained, and fabulous. They have all been trained by the same certification agency- ProDoula. They are so eager, and capable of supporting you. All of our materials have been professional created, contracts are clear and logical, we carry insurance, and all of our doulas are, or are working towards, certification. The consistent training of our doulas makes it very easy for them to work in teams, and best support you.

The number one reason why doula agencies are awesome? 24×7 support. We can guarantee as soon as your contract is signed, that you have texting and email support 24hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any question, any concern, need any advice, or just want someone to say “You are going to be fabulous mom” your doula is just a text away. If you go into labor early, or baby isn’t done until well past your estimated due date, your doula is available to you. This is peace of mind, and it just feels good.

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