Why Your Doula Shouldn’t be Messing with Essential Oils

Lots of people love essential oils. They believe they have these wonderful healing properties, the ability to keep you healthier, calm you down, amp you up, help you sleep, help you focus, all sorts of wonderful stuff. Whether or not you believe in the use of essential oils it’s important to understand why your doula should not be using them on you.

The first major reason is that I, as a doula, am not a specialist in essential oils. I’m a professional doula, not a professional aromatherapist. If you needed to replace the breaks on your car, I would be in no way qualified for that. However, just as I’ll happily hold the flash light for you while you’re doing car work; I’ll happily hold a cotton ball soaked in the EO of your choice for you during labor.

The second reason is that I don’t know how your body is going to react to anything that I put on it. As I’m sure you are already experiencing, your body goes through some tremendous changes during pregnancy. Not only does your belly grow, but you could grow sensitive to oils or lotions you were not previously sensitive to. If I covered your arm in an essential oil, and it caused you to break out in hives, during labor, I would feel personally terrible. Worse, you would probably feel physically terrible. Sometimes during labor, a scent that you usually like becomes intolerable. If it’s on your skin, you can’t really get rid of it.

The best way to use an essential oil during labor, is to soak a cotton ball with the oil of your choice. It is easy to gain any benefits, and take the oil away the moment you decide you don’t need or want it. The best essential oil to use during pregnancy and labor, is one that you have personally researched, and purchased. If you need help, I will gladly refer you to an aromatherapist who is an expert, and would love to show you how to safely use essential oils.

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