How to ensure that you hire the best doula in San Diego

Most people never conduct an interview in their lives. This can make interviewing a doula really challenging for expecting parents! How do you know she’s an amazingly fabulous fit for you? Here is the greatest list of questions you should ask a doula during an interview.

You should ask a doula how many births she attended. Please make sure to find specific numbers on the amount of vaginal births, cesarean sections, inductions, and epidural use- even if these questions don’t relate to your birth choices. You want to make sure that your doula will have experienced your exact birth before. Since this is nearly impossible, she should have an excessive number of births under her belt.

You should ask a doula what her relationship is like with care providers. If she tells you that she works well with doctors find someone else. If your doula isn’t an avid doctor hater she isn’t a good doula. Because our San Diego hospitals and doctors aren’t the best. You need to make sure that your birth room is super awkward when your doula is fighting against your doctors medical professionals.

You should ask a doula how she will advocate for you. Going along with the uncomfortable birth room theme, make sure that she will loudly advocate for your choices during your baby’s birth. Because you don’t know what you want, you aren’t enough, and you clearly need someone to advocate for you.

You should ask a doula if she has reliable back up care. If she tells you “Don’t worry about my back up, I haven’t missed a birth yet!” you’re in the clear! Chances are your birth won’t be the first that she’s missed. And if she is busy, maybe she can find a random doula online to be your backup.

In all seriousness-

Ask your doula how she adapts to changing birth plans.The best doula in San Diego is going to support an ever changing plan without judgement.

Ask your doula what she’s doing to work with care providers so that you can have the best birth experience possible. The best doula in san diego will work with your doctors, nurses, and midwife.

Ask your doula about her certifications, and insurance. The best doula in San Diego really should be trained, and carry insurance!

Ask your doula how she engages your birth team. The best doula in San Diego should add, not take away from your partners position.

Ask your doula what her back up situation is like. People have lives, even doulas, make sure that she has a plan for if she is unable to attend. The best doula in San Diego will have back up that she knows personally, and introduces you to before your birth.

One final suggestion- makes sure you feel an authentic connection with your doula. Oh, and be sure to call us for a complementary consultation with the best doula agency in San Diego.

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