All About Cloth

I recently attending a cloth diapering class at Buddha Baby- a local San Diego baby boutique. I walked into the store and felt instantly greeted by the abundance of all things baby. My favorite feature of the store is a wall of ring slings. Seriously. It’s beautiful, colorful, and full of texture. I was greeted warmly, and directed to a hallway that leads to a room full of moms and babies. The store owner patiently showed us all about cloth diapers.

Many parents make a choice to use cloth diapers instead of disposable. This can be for the environmental benefit. Disposable diapers are the number 2 item in our landfills, and paper bleaching utilizes more water than any other industry. That means cloth diapering saves money, paper, and water. Cloth is also so soft on your baby’s bottom. I was shocked by just how soft the cloth diapers were. Some parents try to be reduced, or completely chemical free- cloth diapering helps limit that exposure for you baby. Cloth diapering can also reduce the amount of blow outs you and your baby deal with.

I was shocked by how easy a ‘flat diaper’ actually was. When you think ‘old school diaper with pins’ that is a flat. It’s a large flat square that you fold by yourself into a diaper. It is amazing to watch, and a great option for newborns. It’s also slimmer, so you can get your baby into some skinny jeans for that adorable San Diego beach photoshoot I’m sure you’re planning.

There are so many styles of cloth diapers. From flat diapers, to fitted, to special overnight diapers, to all in ones, to all in twos, just so many choices. What these diapers have in common is that they have an absorbent layer- a diaper, and a layer that keeps everything in- a cover. There are even hybrid diapers, with disposable pads, and the washable covers. This class outlined many of the benefits of certain diapers, and which cloth diaper style would be best for which situation.

My biggest take away was that cloth diapers have come a long way. Although you can use a flat and fold your own diaper like magic, you can also buy an all in 1, and have something almost as easy as a disposable diaper. With so many options, cloth diapers are completely customizable. It’s a system that is good for the environment, good for your wallet, good for your baby, and possibly the right choice for your family.

If you have any questions, or want to explore your options. I recommend going into Buddha Baby and getting your hands on some cloth diapers. Also that ring sling wall, even if you don’t plan on baby wearing, just go look at it because it’s beautiful!

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