How do I know I have the best doula agency in San Diego?

I am so confident in my doula abilities. As the owner of an agency, I have 100% confidence in everyone who works for, or with, my agency. My purpose in creating an agency was to provide families with professional, reliable, and nonjudgmental support during what could be a very challenging, but super amazing new journey. My secondary priority was finding the best doulas in San Diego, and providing them with a business to work for. How can I be so confident that the Southern Pacific Doulas team makes us the best doula agency in San Diego?

We are the best doula agency in San Diego because all of our doulas are Pro Doulas. We may also carry other certifications, but this is by far the most important to me. I’m a Pro Doula, and we are simply the best. Pro Doula covers a comprehensive, and standardized curriculum. This means that every Pro Doula has learned from the same materials, and carries the same values. I can be confident that they have the knowledge to support clients during birth. Since the curriculum is standardized, working with two doulas at the same time is almost seamless. We all bring our own skills to the table, and we carry our own experiences, but the best doulas minimum standards are going to be the same. By only hiring Pro Doulas in San Diego, I know that I am hiring the best.

We are the best doula agency in San Diego because we offers a pair of doulas. This is awesome because it takes out any room for your doula to miss your birth. I can tell you with 100% certainty, one of the doulas that you hire will attend your birth. Neither will have a family emergency, or miss your birth because they are super sick. When you hire a pair of doulas, you are hiring your backup doula immediately.

We are the best doula agency San Diego because we take our business, and you seriously. This seriousness includes carrying insurance, utilizing contracts that clearly spell out the services we offer. Contracts are a place to discuss expectations for both doulas and parents, this limits miscommunication and misunderstanding. Our seriousness also makes you a constant priority.

We are the best doula agency in San Diego because we practice within the scope of a doula. What that means is, we don’t give you medical advice, and we don’t practice anything that could harm you or your baby. We are well connected in San Diego, and happy to refer other fabulous professionals when you may benefit from them.

We are the best doula agency in San Diego because we support your parenting philosophies. Our mission isn’t to push any one specific way to be a parent. Our mission is to support you in your individual parenting journey. We strongly believe in you, your ability to make the best choice for your family, and when you need support or seek advice, we are ready to support you.

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