Frequently Asked Questions

What training do you have? Every doula on our team is trained by ProDoula. We choose ProDoula because they have a standardized curriculum, this means all of our doulas are going to have the same base of knowledge.

Do you have a back up doula? Since you hire a pair of doulas, you are hiring your backup immediately. You will have the support of two doulas during your pregnancy. They will share a call schedule, and when you go into labor you will call the ‘on call’ doula. They will come to your side and support you during your birth.

How much experience do you have? Each member of our team has vast experience  supporting families. Another reason we love ProDoula is how prepared it leaves our doulas. Whether it is their 100th birth, or their very first we believe that they have the intuition and knowledge to support you.

What is your philosophy on birth? Our philosophy on birth is that women need support during the process, and we want to give you that support. If you choose un medicated, all the medications, cesarean section, or if the plan changes along the way- we will be by your side the entire journey.

Can we call, text, or email you? Upon contract signing, you have 24/7 access to your doulas for emails and texts. Doulas do have up to one business day to respond to non-emergency emails and texts.

When will you join us during labor? We will be happy to join you when you are ready. Although we love a heads up, we just need 2 hours notice for when you would like us to arrive.

Do you get along with my Doctor/Midwife/Partner? Yes. All of our doulas work with your entire birth team. This gives you more support and keeps the room comfort during the birth of your baby.

Do you keep current CPR First Aid? All of our doulas keep current on their CPR and first aid, for infants and adults.

How will my partner be involved? We love families. We want the entire birth team to feel included. If this is a high concern for you, we highly suggest you take our workshop ‘Partner Plan’ or ‘Birth Team Plan’.

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