Our Doulas use Passion

An acronym we use to support couples during birth is PASSION.

We like to PREPARE ourselves and our clients before labor. We do this through workshops, and our prenatal meetings. At these meetings we develop a birth plan. This is a chance for expecting parents to think about what they want their birth to look like.

We ATTUNE to our clients. We do this every time we meet. Being the best doula means this comes naturally to us. We aim to see our clients as individuals, and meet those individual needs, during birth, and postpartum.

We SUPPORT our clients. Weather this be physical support during contractions, or emotional support during transitional labor. This support is of all your choices, without judgment.

We encourage you to SLEEP, and we sleep when we can. Labors can be long, being a great doula means being well rested while on call, and resting when the laboring woman rests. This also includes encouraging mom to sleep when she can. Labor is a lot of work, and to be their very best, everyone needs enough sleep.

We INVOLVE the entire birth team. These people are in the birth room for a reason, lets include them. We can do hip squeezes together, and take turns applying counter pressure. Your birth team probably knows you really well, and we’ll see what advice they have for you.

We remind you that you have OPTIONS. We do this through your birth plan. That plan can come with you, and remind you of any choices you’ve decided to make. We will of course support a change in that plan, as birth doesn’t always go exactly to plan.

We NEVER take any of your choices personally. This isn’t our birth, it’s yours. We are supporting the choices that YOU are making, not our own.


When we use PASSION at our births we are able to provide you with excellent support.

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