The Gorilla Tragedy

My opinion on the gorilla

I think it’s a tragedy. The tragedy is that the gorilla died, and that we are so quick to judge. I’m not perfect, chances are that you’re probably not perfect either. So why do we expect that mom to have been perfect? If you have never made a mistake then go ahead and blame her for the death of the gorilla. But If you’re like me, sometimes you mess up,
People make mistakes. That’s just what this mother did. She made an assumption. She assumed that the exhibit it was safe, but now we all know that it wasn’t.
Instead of blaming a mother, who is probably already questioning her own mothering abilities, we should be thankful. Thankful that the child is alive. Thankful that the mother didn’t have to watch a gorilla kill her baby.
I wish I was an animal expert, and I could have offered a solution that didn’t include killing the gorilla. But I’m not. I don’t know why they could bate the gorilla with food, or use a tranquilizer.
I also don’t want to assume that any one life is more important than another. Animal, or human. But I also know that if it were my child, I would quickly decide that my child’s life was worth more than anyone else’s.
It is easy to blame the mother. It is easy to wonder why the solution was ending the Gorilla’s life. But it’s hard to be truly empathetic. We don’t want to envision ourselves as that mother. We want to believe that nothing like that would ever happen to us. I’m sure that’s what she thought just a few days ago. But it did happen to her. Life is so fast. Children move so quickly. Things happen. I hope that they never happen to yours, or my family. But if they do, you can guarantee I’m not passing blame. I will only share support and empathy.

2 thoughts on “The Gorilla Tragedy

  1. Dear Southern,
    Thanks for not ignoring the fact the child survived despite loosing a rate and endagered gorilla.
    The way the general public responded and the media spun the story, I swear, the world seems to have a general disregard for human life.
    God bless


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