Am I Doing it Right?

“Every night when I put my girls to sleep I wonder ‘Am I doing it right?’Every single night.” I recently heard a mom say this, and my heart broke a little. It broke my heart not because her children could be sleeping longer, or going to bed easier, but because every day this mom is doubting her ability to parent her children.

Self doubt is good friends with unhappiness. It creeps into your life slowly. It may start with something simple like “am I a bad parent for giving my kids candy so often?” and suddenly it can take over. Making you question yourself as a parent, and the choices you make for your family. This self doubt is so harmful for your self-esteem, and your ability to be the amazing parent I’m sure you are.

I strongly believe, that if your children are loved and your family is happy- you are doing it right. If you think you could be happier, then there is nothing wrong with trying something new. If you want to try a new method, or strategy, try it out. See if that brings you and your family more happiness.  If it doesn’t, you may feel better about the routine you were using. It might make you more confident, and assure you that you are making great choices for your family.

Move through your parenting choices with confidence. The method or routine you set is not as important as being confident in yourself, and your decisions. Be confident that you are doing it right. You are the mother, or father, that your children need and deserve. Let your moments of doubt come, but wash them away, and remember that you are a fantastic parent.

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