Sleepy Routines

There are SO many ways to get a child to sleep. No method or routine will work for every family, meaning no method is better than the rest. Here are a few of the methods that we’re familiar with.

The Rock and Bounce. Some parents, and kids, love to rock, bounce, and be snuggled until the baby falls 100% asleep.

The in-arms Baby. Some babies just really enjoy being held. If your arms get tired, baby wearing can be awesome for these families.

The Back Pattin’ Head Scratcher. Some babies love to have their hair rubbed, or back patted. Lay them down pretty much awake, a few pats later and they are off to sleepy-town.

The Cuddle ’till Calm. Rock, bounce, or sway until their eyelids get heavy, then lay baby down. They will put themselves the rest of the way to sleep.

Some Kids Cry. Some babies make going to sleep noises or cry while going down. This is not unusual, and if you have one of these babies it really is ok.

Rock, bounce, cuddle, back pat, or leave them to self soothe themselves. Your doula will use the routine that works the best for your family, and your baby.

If you have sleep concerns it is always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician, or work with our sleep learning expert. We can work together to get everyone more sleep, and to establish healthy sleep habits at any age.

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