The Loss of a Lifetime

When you lose a child, miscarry, or give birth to a sleeping baby you experience a tragedy unlike any other. You can’t compare this loss to any other, because it is so uniquely sad. Unlike losing a parent, although sad, they probably lived a full life.

Parents who experience the loss of a child don’t just mourn a lost love one, they are mourning the loss of their child‘s entire life.

Whether they were planned, or a surprise, someone was excited for this baby. Mothers felt their baby kick, and watched their bellies grow. Parents probably sat together discussing the life this child would have.

This tiny person had an entire life ahead of them.

Where or not it was the life they chose, their parents had memories they planned to make with this precious child. The baby was supposed to grow, laugh, and learn. They should have met milestones like rolling over, first steps, first word, and first food. Parents saw them becoming vibrant kids playing catch, creating art, exploring nature, and making messes. They were going to ride a bike for the very first time without training wheels. And if they fell and scraped their knee, a kiss from mom would make it all better.

These parents envision their baby becoming a teenager. Playing sports, going to school, and discovering themselves. They would become young adults attending college, and figuring out the career path that fit them the best.

No one plans to lose their child.

Although I strongly believe all things happen for a reason, the loss of a child is impossibly tragic. Every baby has a colorful life envisioned for them before they are even born. This is why parents lose more than a baby, they lose the lifetime of their child.

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