How I Became A Doula

I have babysat since I was 12 years old. I started as a mother’s helper, and quickly transitioned to a regular weekly sitter for 2 children. They lived in the house directly across the street from mine, I hopped across the street barefoot each Saturday afternoon. I used the generous pay for riding lessons,  trips to the mall with friends, and other wants. As much as I loved watching the kids, I didn’t consider childcare as my first possible career option.

My first ‘real job’ was working as a research assistant. I LOVED it.

I found the job through an internship program offered by my high school. After my internship ended, my boss hired me to continue working through the summer. I loved it. I went to school where I thought I was going to study biology and become a scientist. Then I took my first biology class. It was awesome and interesting, but it was also dense and slow moving. I realized that was going to be my career. So I came back home to San Diego.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so in the mean time I started taking child development classes so that I could teach at the preschool my mother and sister founded. So I did. I took enough classes to teach preschool. Then I took another semester of early childhood education classes. Then I took a few more.

Slowly I realized that my education, combined with my hands on experience made me an awesome caregiver.

I started doing private nanny work. It was so fun. I absolutely loved working with parents in a supportive one on one environment. I loved being connected to the community in San Diego. During our daily outings I was interacting with parents, and other caregivers every day. Then I started working at the preschool again, this time as a teacher and assistant director.

I wanted to own my own business, and I wanted to support parents.

I’m really good at offering support. I also saw how my mother provided for the community through her preschool. She provided excellent care of the children, and provided her employees with a living wage.

It only seemed natural to combine my love of children, supporting parents, and our fabulous San Diego community. For my profession, I decided that being a doula would be the best choice.

It’s can be a long road that leads us to where we end up, but enjoying the journey is so important. I am so lucky to have so many adventures. Although the vast majority of my adventures are spent on the back of a horse, I’m open to all flavors. I’m excited to see where I take Southern Pacific Doulas, and where owning the best doula agency in San Diego takes me.

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