Half of the Year

Wow. Are we really already half way through 2016? Suddenly it’s July first. Did you know that July first is the halfway point of the year? 182 days behind us, 182 more ahead (well 183 counting today).

What did you do this year? Did you have a baby? Did you get married? Buy a home? Adopt a dog? Find a new job? Discover a new part of yourself?

I’ve done some of those. I’ve had some tremendous triumphs, some soul searching, actually lots of self discovery, and I experienced some struggles too. I like to reflect, and project. 2016 is a huge year for both.

I look back on what I’ve done, and it’s exciting for me. I’m proud of myself. In 2016 I brought something new to San Diego, a doula agency. This doula agency. Southern Pacific Doulas has become the poster child of my 2016. Everyone around me hears about my business a lot. Birth, support, parents, child, and baby snuggles are the focus of my life right now.

I hope you did at least half as much soul searching as I have done. I know I’m more empathetic and slower to judge. My doula training has taught me to see the world through a new lens. Instead of jumping to conclusions, I try to really think deeply about what drives other people’s actions. At first we may think it’s out of hate, but in 2016 I’ve been trying to see that hate is just a cover up of other emotions. I think this has been a guiding principle for me through the first half of the year.

Try this in your life. When someone is projecting hate ask yourself “What struggle are they going through? How can I support them through this?” It’s so much more satisfying to be humble.

I look forward to the remaining 182 days because I see success. I see growth- personally, and professionally. I’m attending more training, and a huge ProDoula conference. I’m looking forward to more adventures. I love adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing where Southern Pacific Doulas goes. I see the good I’m doing, and the support I’m giving San Diego. I love getting to support more than mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, and family. I love supporting San Diego. Real local businesses like my own. Businesses with people you can call and actually talk to the owner.

These entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of what make San Diego so amazing. I can’t say it enough, I love getting to be part of the amazing culture we have here.

My projections for 2016 are limitless. Although half of the year is already behind us, I see the remainder shall be the better half. That’s saying a lot, because so far 2016 has been a pivotal life changing year for me. 2016 July- December, I’m coming for you. I’m ready for the curve balls, the easy parts, and the hard stuff too. To everyone watching and supporting Southern Pacific Doulas thus far, I love and appreciate you. I can only imagine the greatness coming to me during the next, better, half of 2016. My wish for you, is that you spend 2016 empowered, humble, and open.

Be open to the greatness that awaits you, and the journeys you’ll find yourself experiencing.

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