Labor Go!

If you have experienced prodromal labor I do not envy you. Prodromal labor is early labor that can last days or even weeks. Early labor can be so fun and exciting, it means you’ll be meeting your baby soon! However, when those irregular contractions happen for days it may become far less exciting.

The mild contractions can make mother uncomfortable. They happen while she tries to sleep. Imagine being very pregnant, and unable to sleep. Not so fun. Many mothers will be looking for way to get labor moving.

Sure you could walk on the curb, use nipple stimulation, or other lotions and potions supposed to rev up your labor. Or you could do something possibly even more awesome.

You could play Pokémon Go! This does 3 things to get labor moving.

  1. It distracts you!

            Early labor contractions are typically not challenging to work through. If you can give yourself something else to think about, it may distract you from that discomfort. Pokémon Go maybe just enough distraction to help you focus on something other than your contractions.

  1. It gets you moving!

            Many women find walking to be their favorite ways to get labor moving. The stretch can feel good, and open up your pelvis to allow baby to prepare to be born. So take a walk around the block in search of that elusive Abra. How do you catch Abra? I’m not sure, but I think you should try until labor gets going, or you do catch them all!

  1. It’s fun!

            Games are fun! Especially free and lighthearted ones. This is the beginning of your baby’s birth story. Why not have some fun during your early labor?

So pull out your phone and start walking! You’ll either become a Pokémon master, or you’ll be a little closer to meeting your baby- both of those are pretty cool!

In all seriousness, prodromal labor is nothing to joke about. Although there is no remedy, there are several techniques you can use to make you more comfortable. Talk to your provider about yoga, chiropractic, therapeutic rest, or ask what they recommend.

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