National Love Your Horse Day

It’s national love your horse day! I have countless reasons for why I love, and am eternally grateful for my horses. If you don’t already know, I own 3 majestic wonderful horses. They are all so unique, and the lessons they each have to teach are so valuable.

Roxy is so genuine, and just a fantastic creature. We call her the best horse in the world, and she truly. Roxy loves to have a job, and she always wants to make you happy. She makes anyone look like an amazing rider. Roxy teaches me to bring that out of other people. If I can be your scaffolding, and help you to realize that you are amazing, I’m happy.

Nova is more reserved. She is the most sensitive, and talented animal I know. Nova always wants to understand why you’re asking things of her. She is very good when she decides she likes something, and very obstinate when she decides she doesn’t like something. She’s a great judge of character, if you’re too aggressive she just shuts down. Nova teaches me to move slower through life. She teaches me to stop and enjoy the view, to really take in the world one breath at a time. She teaches me to be more patient, and kinder.

Kodiak is an absolute joy. She makes my heart smile. She was born into my arms, and is a constant source of happiness for me. Kodiak is a baby. Babies can be a lot of work, no matter the species. I went through phases where Kodiak would rear and strike at me, but I mostly saw a super sweet cuddly baby horse who LOVES scratches. Kodiak teaches me to stay strong during outbursts. Not to take anything personally, and to always position myself in the safety situation.

Can you see how the lessons my horses teach me transfer over to all aspects of life? These lessons are especially helpful as a doula. I can make you realize that you shine all on your own. I can move at the speed you need me to. I can stay consistent and calm amidst chaos.

Every horse I meet has a lesson to teach me. I plan to meet lots of horses, and learn lots of lessons from each one. I love them all for it.

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