Being a Dad

I think it’s the strangest thing. Our society seems to have some strange opinions on fathers and fatherhood. As Ali Wong said on Netflix “It takes so little to be a great dad…” We talk about pregnant women as if they are already mothers, which they are in many ways, but we ignore the other half who created this life. Or even worse than ignore them, we bash them.

When fathers meet the bare minimum we see them as attentive and involved. When fathers exceed the minimum requirements of parenthood we praise them highly, for doing something that they should already be doing.

One phrase I especially despise is when someone says that a dad is babysitting.

That’s degrading. A mother never babysits her children, she parents them. Fathers do the exact same thing. They aren’t weekend or date night sitting on moms’ night out. They are parenting their children.

Sometimes people pass judgment on stay at home dads. Some people might think or even gossip out loud “Doesn’t he want to provide for his family?” He is providing for his family. He is providing his children with a stay at home parent, a consistent caregiver who they can bond with intensely. They are providing their child with a fantastic childhood, filled with memories of cool explorations with their dad. Once again, they are parenting their child.

Someone got the strange idea that men can’t be teachers unless they have ill intentions. That accusation is so absurd. Teaching kids is so much fun.

Who can deny that seeing the world through the eyes of a child is magical?

What does your gender identity have to do with enjoying being silly, playing in the dirt, and enjoy children? I’ll tell you what- absolutely nothing. Some of my favorite teachers were men.

In fact my absolute all time favorite teacher was a man. I remember how passionate he would get during certain projects, and how much he wanted us to succeed. He encouraged us to be individuals and to involve our passions into our work. I enjoyed his class so much because he wanted to make school fun.

Dads are so awesome. Moms are so awesome too. When I see a really loving and attentive parent I think it’s so awesome. It’s awesome because I know that entire family is going to be happier.

At Southern Pacific Doulas we love dads.

Our doulas want to involve both parents as much as they want to be involved. There are times where your doula may need to doula the partner who isn’t giving birth. We want to include both parents every step of the way. You can count on us to include moms, dads, grandmas, uncles, siblings, friends, whomever your birth team consists of.

Our doulas make sure everyone is as included in the process as the pregnant person wants them to be.

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