My Heart Based Business

My job as a doula and owner of Southern Pacific Doulas here in San Diego, is a heart based business.

It’s so clear for me, that to be a great doula your heart must be in the right place.

My job and passion is to be empathetic and make a genuine connection with people. The relationship I have with my clients is incredibly close. People will talk to me as their doula about deeply emotional topics, things they don’t want to say to their mother, bff, or even their husband. They are comfortable confiding in me, because they know I won’t judge them. They know I will validate their feelings, no matter what the rest of their community or circle of friends may think of that choice.

Not only am I easy to connect with, but I can become a rock for parents during a turbulent time of life.

Not many life changes are both permanent and every changing, but having children is both.

Some people see a doula as their guide during this new chapter. Some people look back at their birth, and wonder how much more challenging it may have been without the presence of their doula.

So with the nature of supporting parents through this intimate time of life, being a doula is heart work.

Being a doula fills your heart.

Seeing parents become strong fills my heart. Seeing women do something they didn’t think that they could fills my heart. Seeing a dad realize his baby is really coming home with them is amazing. There are so many parts of my job that truly fill my heart.

With all of this heart filling I receive, some people think I’m willing to work for free. I can’t offer free work. My time is valuable, and people are valuable too.

My clients deserve a highly qualified doula, I don’t know anyone who deserves anything but the best.

Additionally, it wouldn’t be fair to offer a discount to some clients, while charging full price to others. I understand life happens, and some people are left in situations that they never expected. I also understand that professional support is expensive, but I’m never going to assume that anyone can’t manage their own finances.

This doesn’t mean I’m heartless or uncaring. I recently offered to host a community event benefiting a family who experienced an incredibly painful loss.

One of the reasons I opened Southern Pacific Doulas was to support the community of San Diego.

Supporting the community through strong business ethics, fair practices, and engaging San Diegans in supporting each other. These pillars of my business are so important to me.

So when you ask me to work for free, understand that I am not being insensitive or greedy. I’m being fair.

I’m eager to utilize my business to support families, especially those who truly need my support the most.

But instead of asking me to work for free, ask how can San Diego support this person? How can Southern Pacific Doulas rally other San Diegans into supporting them? And, how can we elevate this family, without degrading them?

After all, even in a heart based business “We need to fill our own cup first and allow the world to benefit from our overflow.” -Steve Maraboli

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