When it Rains in San Diego

The blue skies above San Diego turn to grey clouds. The smell of musty sulfur hangs heavy in the air. Then without warning the misty rain drops fall to the ground. There are two type of San Diegans, those that love our rainy days, and those who believe it’s a true sign of impending doom.

For those San Diegans who love the rain, they believe it is beautiful and magnificent. They wake in the night to the light pitter-patter of rain hitting their roof, or rain drops falling against their window. Their slumber is only briefly disturbed, they smile, and roll over swiftly back to sleep. When they wake the blue skies are out again. The whole world looks clean, bathed, serene. The birds chirp a little louder, the grass stands a little taller, the leaves on our trees are even greener. Maybe these San Diegans enjoy their cup of coffee outside on these mornings. The world keeps turning.

For the other San Diegans, the rain can be scary. They wake to the thunderous roar pounding on their rooftop. Was the house even built for this storm?” They spend the night gathering up their animals. They check on their children, who are safely and soundly sleeping. These San Diegans do not drift back to sleep, their mind is wandering. “Will the traffic be bad on the 5?” “I hope the rain doesn’t cause any car accidents out there.” Then the rain stops. They pull back their curtains and see out. The clouds part ways, the ground is still glistening with rain. Suddenly a rainbow appears. The world keeps turning.

We often take for-granted just how novel it is to have a rainy day in San Diego. If you don’t live here it can be hard to understand a San Diegan’s relationship to the rain. No reaction is right or wrong- it simply is. Life is about balance. The variety of people in San Diego provide the balance we need. One of the most beautiful part of our city is the diverse group of people who call San Diego home.

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