5 Simple Steps to a Happier Pregnancy

It is so easy to be caught up in life and forget about the simple joys. With all the worries and stress of pregnancy it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do. Here’s a few steps you can take to have a happier pregnancy.


Step 1: Leave the Facebook Groups

You know the groups who jump down your throat with their mission. A lot of them mean well, and intend to save babies, but the message gets a little lost in translation. If a group is giving you anxiety about carseats, sleep, or any other aspect of pregnancy, ask yourself “Does this group and the time I spend on it add value to my life?” If the answer is anything but yes- leave it!


Step 2: Tell the Haters What’s Up

If every time you see a certain friend they want to tell you how much pushing your baby out hurts- tell them “Positive visions are important for my delivery. I don’t want to talk about the pain of childbirth anymore.” If you believe in yourself without question your friends should respect that. Often times people think it is okay to joke about calling you fat, or how you are never going to sleep again. It is totally fine to blame not wanting to discuss those thought on pregnancy hormones.


Step 3: Bond With Your Baby

Remember the end goal- it’s having a baby! Spend some time during these months to focus on building a connection with your baby. Take bump shots if that’s what you like. Find a yoga teacher- we love Nature’s Whisper. Find a chiropractor- we love Dr Kayla.  Read stories to your baby, or play music for them. Sit in nature and do kick counts. Whatever it is that makes you feel connected- do it!


Step 4: Find Supportive Care Providers

Figure out your birth options. Do you want to deliver with a midwife? Or with an Obstetrician? The care provider doesn’t matter as much as believing that they believe in you. Having a doctor or midwife who you can speak openly with about your hopes, wishes, and fears is important. Here in San Diego it can be hard to find a provider or hospital your insurance covers, but you still have options.


Step 5: Find Your Support

Finding people you can talk to on hard days can be a huge weight lifted off your chest. Someone who you can text asking “Is this normal?” Someone who you can call crying when someone’s comment makes you question “I am too big?” We hope your support includes a southern pacific doula- because you deserve the best support.

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