My Cheerleader Across the Country

Everyone has a cheerleader.

You may or may not know it. Someone is following your journey on facebook or instagram. They want you to succeed at life in general, and in your professional ventures. 

I met my personal cheerleader in Kansas City October 2016.

She’s a subtle cheerleader, she doesn’t carry pom poms or chants, but she does carry a smile, confidence, and incredible hair. Her name is Randy Patterson. She is a doula, she owns Northwest Doulas, and founded ProDoula.

When Randy looks at me, or speaks on stage to a group, I know her words are so carefully chosen, and their impact is powerful. When Randy posts on facebook “I love you, yes you.” I feel as if she’s speaking directly to me. Even commanding a room, she speaks straight into the heart of those listening.

The way Randy goes above and beyond in her work is special. She established a fantastic training organization, but didn’t stop there. You’ll see someone post online looking for guidance, and Randy will say “Call the office, I’d love to talk to you about that!” She will be your personal business coach if that’s what you want. The way she wants you to be successful is inspiring. It makes you want to do better, set goals, reach those goals, obtain your dreams. Knowing that someone is in your court is sometimes all it takes.

Guess what?

You get the chance to have a weekend of magic with Randy. Join a group of dedicated, excited, old and new professional doulas for a up to 4 days of training. You can sharpen your doula skills, add to your knowledge of comfort measures, labor coping strategies, newborn swaddling techniques, and all of the other hands on technical skills it takes to jump straight into the birth world! In addition to on the job skills, you’ll have Randy as your mentor. You’ll gain wisdom from a very accomplished doula. You’ll learn some of her personal tricks, and she’ll reach into your soul. She’ll dig deep into why you’re a doula, and leave you ready for any doula job.

So please, join us in San Diego August 24&25 for a labor doula training, and stay August 26&27 for a postpartum and infant care doula training. You’ll leave with so much more than knowledge, you’ll leave with your own cheerleader too!

Register for the Labor doula training here.

Register for the Postpartum and Infant Doula training here.

Did I mention that San Diego is the perfect destination for a long weekend work trip?
If you need assistance arranging hotel and airfare accommodations don’t hesitate to call! (858) 336-9394 

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