The Minimalist Baby Registry

Your baby needs so little at first. As they grow older you’ll find the exact tools you need to parent happily. This list should be enough to get you started, without being overwhelmed by new gear. To buy these products online, click on the image of each item.

Somewhere for baby to sleep.

This can be a crib, a bassinet, or anywhere regulated by AAP for sleep. You’ll likely want a crib, as your baby will outgrown a bassinet in just a few months. During the early days, our favorite is the Halo swivel bassinest. It’s easy to move to either side of bed, swings so baby can be in your bed but still in their own sleep space, or totally out of your bed.


A way to get the baby from point A to point B

You’ll need a carseat to leave the hospital, and really to go anywhere with your baby. There are two types of car seats for infants, bucket seats, or convertible car seats. In San Diego we don’t deal with extreme weather, so we can skip the bucket seats. However you can buy multiple bases for installation into different cars, which is pretty awesome. Convertible car seats can be used for much longer. Our favorite is the Chicco NextFit. It is super comfy, sleek, and can be used from 5lbs to 65lbs.



Places to set your baby down

If you don’t want to hold your baby all the time you’ll need a safe space to set them down. This can be their bassinet, a blanket on the floor, a swing, or our favorite a bouncer. It can be moved from room to room, and babies are usually very happy to hang out in them. This Fisher price bouncer also gives your baby puppy ears- a huge plus!



Swaddle Cloths

It’s likely that your baby will find a lot of comfort in being swaddled. You can buy fancy sleep sacks and swaddles with velcro that are supposed to make it easier. We suggest you ask your postpartum doula to teach you how to swaddle with a cloth. Our favorite swaddle cloths are the muslin blankets. They are forgiving while you’re learning the swaddle, and make awesome blankets as your child gets older. They are also light and airy, perfect for our socal weather.



Enough Outfits as you want to do laundry

It could be hard to limit this, as baby clothes are so adorable. The average baby uses about 3 outfits per day. You’ll need more if your baby spits up, or is prone to blow out diapers. We think onesies make the best first outfits as they are easy for diaper changes, and are comfortable enough to sleep in.



A way to carry your baby

You may want to hold your baby all the time. If that works for you great. If you want greater use of your arms while you are shopping, walking, or outside with your baby you’ll want a stroller or baby carrier. There are endless styles of baby carriers. For tiny babies we love ring slings. We find them easier than wrapping, and very comfortable for carrying tiny babies close. If the ring sling is intimidating you may want a soft structured carrier- like a tula. As an added bonus- Tula is a San Diego company and we love supporting local businesses.



The odds and ends that make your life easier

Easier, or maybe just less challenging. You’ll want to keep a few burp clothes, a baby bath-tub (check out this awesome blooming bath created by a group of Dads in Carlsbad), bottles, a breast pump (your insurance may cover this), a changing pad, a few teethable toys, and some board books. All of that should get you through the first few months.



It’s an Experience

If you’re anything like me, then you want to get the most out of this life. So often women consider pregnancy as just means to an end- you’re sacrificing your mind and body for almost an entire year so you can make a baby. That’s it. The suffering and success both matter very little.

But pregnancy is a journey and transformation. Get the most out of this experience. Let pregnancy be the first part of your motherhood journey. The keyword being journey, because motherhood doesn’t have a destination.

Do all the prenatal things. Have a gender reveal party. Having a baby shower, have two or three baby showers even if this is your 3rd pregnancy. Take a childbirth education class. Find excuses to bring people together to celebrate your journey to motherhood. Or don’t. Plan a baby-moon with just you and your honey. Or a spa day for just you and your baby.

Hire a birth photographer, labor doula, and plan for support after your baby. You only get to bring this baby into the world once, so do all of the extra things you want to. Or at least consider all of these things.

Let yourself daydream about your perfect birth. Envision more than going to the local hospital, laying in bed until you hit 10 centimeters, and then pushing on your back. Think about your options, and decide what fits you. Maybe you want to tour a few hospitals, and pick the hospital that has the most accommodating atmosphere. Maybe you want to tour some birth centers too, or interview some home birth midwives. Let your mind run wild with the possibilities.

Whatever you decide to do during this pregnancy, remember it’s your only pregnancy with this child. It is special, and an incredible time of life. Think about everything you can possibly do, and explore those options. Then pick the opportunities that feels right to you. How you bring your baby into the world matters. You should be in a comfortable environment, surrounded by a comfortable birth team, feeling important and in control.

Don’t settle for less, and remember that your pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience. It’s so much more than making a baby, it’s a brand new chapter of life. Welcome this new chapter and cherish the experience.