I Don’t Send Light

“Sending love and light.” A phrase we use to show that we love and care about what you are experiencing. But what if there is no light to be seen? What if you are so deep in the trenches of sorrow and sadness that the darkness devours everything around you? Like a plague the darkness spreads and encumpasses everything you can see. The light that others send can’t penetrate the darkness, and instead the light is swallowed and never reaches you.


When you can find no light, what good does sending light to you do?

Rather than sending light to you I have an alternative. Where no light exists I will be the light.

I will not be swallowed by the darkness. I will shine brightly beside you, lighting your path so you can manage.

And rather than throwing you the ladder and telling you “climb out”. I will secure the ladder and climb into the trench with you. From there we can manage to get out together. As a steady and calm presence I will be there with you. While too consumed and burdened with your troubles to even see me I will still be near you.  When you do notice me beside you, the words we speak will pierce through the darkness.


When you are ready you may join me in the shelter of my light.


When you are prepared for the journey out I will stand behind you and escort you to the ladder that awaits us.  At your pace, we will climb out from the trench. You are never alone for a single moment. Each step you take you know I am beside you. Each time you think you can go no farther you feel my gentle support nudging you onward. So you keep climbing.


Suddenly the darkness isn’t so sharp. As we make our way out together you see the light of day. Another notch higher and you can hear birds chirping. With each step on up it gets easier to manage. When you doubt yourself you know I am still there. So you make it to the top. You leave the trench behind and let the sun pours down on you.


When you experience unimaginable hardship, I will not send you light. But I can be your light. I can be your guide as you make your way through these dark challenges of life. I will never send you light, because I can be the light.

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