A Class About Birth?

Why should you take a class about birth? Who wants to know about the gooing messy ickiness of birth? You just show up, have your baby and go home. Somewhere between going in and going home your water breaks, you poop, you cry, you laugh, the doctor says “push!” and that’s about it. What more is there to know?

If that resonates with you, just stop reading now.

However if you think that sounds absolutely ludicrous because you want to know more, keep reading- or better yet, schedule your Birth 101 Class with Southern Pacific Doulas.

If you want to know more about birth join our One Day Birth 101 Class. Knowledge is power. Birth is the experience where women have more power than any other point in life. So shouldn’t you combine the two?

Take a childbirth education class to feel powerful.


Knowing the stages of labor will help you know how your labor is progressing. You’ll know that early labor can last a while, and the intense portion of birth where you transform to the cave woman savage version of yourself where the world is falling apart lasts for a much shorter amount of time. Knowing that your labor is progressing normally makes you feel in control.

Take a childbirth education class to feel in control.


Expanding your knowledge of birth will allow you to plan for what you can plan for. You can make a wishlist a mile long, but taking a class will help you determine what should be a priority on your wishlist. You will learn that birth is, for the most part, unpredictable. You will learn what you can predict, and if you can predict it you can plan for it.

Take a childbirth education class to feel prepared.


Friends are important, especially when you’re a new parent. Use a childbirth education class to make new friends. Chances are someone in your class will have a due date close to your own. Trade phone numbers, get lunch, have playdates, and make a life long friend.

Take a childbirth education class to find friendship.


Who do you ask the weird awkward questions to? Your mom? Maybe, and if you can ask your mom how the placenta comes out of your body that is awesome. If you can’t ask your mom what happens when you poop while you’re pushing, you can ask your childbirth education teacher. The best news, they’ve heard it all before, and everyone in the room also wants to know all about your awkward uncomfortable questions.

Take a childbirth education class to save yourself from having to ask your mom about your mucus plug.


The bottom line is, if you are having a baby and seeking a birth experience you should take a childbirth education class. If you are looking for a class that teaches hands on labor coping skills, gets your partner involved, know a little bit about the entire process, and have someone to ask the weird questions you don’t want to ask anyone else- you should take the Birth 101 Class with Southern Pacific Doulas.


Register for your childbirth education class with Southern Pacific Doulas! (858) 336-9394

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