After Baby Support

Many parents will say the early parenting days can be the most challenging. Between healing, adjusting to your new routine, and making the best decisions for your baby- you might want a village to support you.

Southern Pacific Doulas can be your village.  You can be comfortable knowing that your after baby specialist can help you adjust. They will support you, without judgement while you get to know your new baby, and your new identity as a parent.

Our specialists are a combination of postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, and night nannies. Having a variety of professionals on our team means that we have the perfect specialist to support exactly what you need.

A peek at what our after baby specialist do…

  • Help the entire family to find a new rhythm and pattern.
  • Support you as you learn your baby’s cues and pattern.
  • Stay with you overnight to give you more sleep.
  • Help you start leaving the house with a new baby.
  • Engage your older children, or give you the time to do so.people-1636304_1920
  • Cook nourishing meals for the entire family.
  • Run errands for, or with you.
  • The light house keeping that help your household moving smoothly.


Have a new baby? Call us to get the best after baby support.

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