Need Sleep?

What is a sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant is an expert on getting families the sleep that they need. She utilizes her knowledge of many different methods to establish healthy sleep habits, or set families up on the path to sleeping success. As sleep consultants, our goal is to help everyone to get more sleep.

What methods do you use? 

We use the method that works best for your family and your baby. We are experienced with  a combination of no-cry, cry, and every method that falls somewhere in between. If your family isn’t getting enough sleep, there are gentle options that work for every family and every child.

How do I book a consultation?

We can do in person, phone, or skype sleep consultations. For phone and skype consultation, we charge $50 for the first call, and $35 for any additional calls. Calls will take approximately 45 minutes.

In person sleep consultation are built with custom packages and pricing based on shift preferences. Contact us to build the package that works for you.

Everyone needs sleep. If you aren’t getting enough, call us.

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